Photographic Workshops
One on One Lessons   $400.00 (3 x 1.5 hourly one on one lessons and 1 full day in the field)

This is an ideal and perfect way to learn about the camera you own and how to operate it as it's meant to be. We will teach you all the main functions to successfully using the SLR Camera on your own. The only things we need is you the camera and your Manual.

We will also teach you all the basics of using a Camera in Manual, Tv, Av, P or Bulb, explaining all the various settings you'll need once you take you settings off automatic.

ISO's, Shutter speed, Appertures, Depth of Field and lots more will be taught in these one on one lessons.

These Lessons involve 3 x 1.5 hourly one on one sessions and a final day out in the field with Professional Photographer - Mark Duncan.

Travelling Workshops (Price upon application and depending on location)

These workshops involve travelling to places in the state or interstate. Places such as Coffin Bay National Park or Birdsville Track or Simpson Desert. They are held in conjunction with Professional Photographer Mark Duncan and Rex Ellis, South Australia's famous explorer. Five to Seven Days of Adventure and fun, all the time being tutored in the art of Photography.

Group Workshops in Gallery  $150.00 per person

We run a group training for beginners which is a 3 week crash course from 7pm until 9:30 pm. Need at least 10 participants for this to be held.