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Welcome to Duncan Images. Enjoy navigating through this website and select the image that best suits your needs, from our stunning range of Panoramas, Landscapes and Black and Whites, to Weddings and Portraiture photography.

Gallery/Studio:  Duncan Images caters for all photographic needs. The Gallery is situated in the main street of Woodside where there is a plethora of magnificent images framed and unframed, canvases, and prints for you to peruse.

Weddings:  Duncan Images is well known for their Wedding Photography, not only in the brilliance in capturing a moment but also for their affordable pricing. Take a look at the packages and you'll see how they provide all your photographic needs at prices you can afford.  


Portraiture: Duncan Images has a Studio for  stunning Portraiture and are well known in South Australia for their creative and artistic flair. Portraiture can be done either at the studio or on location, depending on the desires of the individual.